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My Name is Stuart

I am an Atlanta Artist

About Me

"I have always felt that viewing my art is like hearing my voice, saying just the right thing rich and powerful.

Gifts I have given of song and lyrics but never so intimate and solo as my paintings. Just me, not struggling with words but expression with such intense emotion almost naked and vulnerable.

No canvas in tow, donated paints were few but my words had to come out. Through recycled old walls or a roof evenly discarded....these became my words, my journals, all dedicated to a time, a thought, or a reflection of where we are, of who we are, of time of space, of who I am."

- stuart bass

At this very moment...

He is in an old shed, once for storage of yard tools and home construction materials, and the occasional spider, bird, or insect. All that is pushed aside now. He is standing in the back, surrounded by paintings, which fill this little space, and ones at every stage of evolution. Looking down you see a numerous assortment of paint tubes, most all of them totally empty, squeezed, cut, and scraped of every drop of color. Numerous brushes and rags oddly placed surrounding each piece. He has filled this tiny space with his life. He has slept here, played music here, and claimed this area as his. One chair, a small heater, and his two best friends, both Boxer's named Bella and Brutus.

This small shed, often cold and without the comforts one would expect, are the conditions which conjure the inspiration and permit the depth and focus in his paintings.

Give him room, not to breathe or for comfort, but to explore his surroundings, his tools, and his mind.

Stuart is in touch with his environment

...and resides in a world where he can take risks and own his creativity. Not smothered but inspired by a vision and passion. The choices from subject to medium are made as if predetermined. A signature to his work is utilizing the rawest of materials from which to create his oil paintings. What is scrap is now treasure, junk, recycled, reused, now reformed, and anew.

One could say that this is how he sees himself. Everyone would say they can relate. He has been married and divorced, a parent, lived with parents, , unemployed, self employed, lost and found. He is your neighbor, a gentle soul, and he is all of us.

The freedom with which he approaches his art can be attributed to a Father and Mother, who provided an environment that promoted hard work, boundless possibilities, and lead by example. Growing up the innate ability to skillfully draw and paint, quickly resulted in inquiries for purchase, awards, and all while in elementary school. His ability to pick up a guitar and strum as though he had years of practice is one which would hail him into the Hollywood Music scene to become an accomplished member of a popular band from which he was signed and represented by top record labels. This Rocker with an edge, has embarked on a solo career, not with his guitar or for sold out stadiums. This journey and the success with which he has experienced and can look forward to, is all on him.

Stuart Bass is a refreshing and honest artist. He is not conditioned, restrained, or fearful. His truth is relatable and represented in humility.

A lifelong resident of Atlanta, Stuart Bass depicts his pride in his hometown in his current collection.

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